Can contexts of art be interpreted differently then the artist originally envisioned and does this pose a problem for the artist?

When the artist is creating art, does he need to keep in mind what form of context he or she will be using?


Project 5: Self Critique

I thought I was pretty successful in my process piece, which was done using IMovie.  I found IMovie easy to use.  My process was “Painting Toes” was just to show what it takes to paint them and what women have to go through to keep their toes pretty, at least for the summer.  There is always the option for women to go get a pedicure but I just thought it would be useful for this process to be seen.  I love IMovie and would use it again but I would add more edits and sound.  Thank all of those who sat through this grueling process.

Project # 5 – Series

Once again my ideation for the creating a performance changed from day to day. Finally, I did come up with an idea for the “performing a process”. I decided to go with painting my toenails, red and to all the females out there know that painting your toenails is no easy task, so, we just decide to go have someone else paint them for us. This is a simple process and I will utilize IMovie to demonstrate it.

Technical Exercise (Action)

I performed this exercise on the lower floor beside the stair case. It was uncomfortable for me to do what I consider to be childish. I twirled and twirled going one direction first and then stopped to get my balance and the twirled in the other direction. Nicole video taped me performing and we laughed about what I was doing. I believe that
Alyssa was watching too. I’m not sure that performing in public will be a good idea for me but I will give it every effort for the sake of ART. I would provide the video, but it is in a MP4 format.